Whether you want to expand your trade fair portfolio or search for temporary support in the strategic area, we are happy to help you and support you comprehensively and in detail!

The market of consultants is confusing. There are the major players, but also many small consulting companies and specialists. But who keeps what he promises? Who matches your project? Who can really cooperate? Whom can you trust? Questions, which only you can answer. A good prerequisite for this is a personal interview and intensive acquaintance or a pilot project. There, you realize quickly whether one fits together and thinks similarly.

What we have to offer and bring along are:

  • More than 30 years of project experience
  • Diverse competencies with a broad range of perspectives
  • Curiosity and ideas for a somewhat different view of your project
  • Fairness and coexistence as the basis for a lasting cooperation

Get to know us, because in our opinion, the personal impression is the most important basis for the next step. We are looking forward to you!

Services for exhibition companies or organizers:

  • Advice on the extension of trade fair portfolios;
  • Problem analyses, if the trade fair project does not achieve the desired success;
  • Market or segment analyses;
  • Expert interviews;
  • Sales force multiplier for managing key accounts and important partners;
  • Mystery-Shopping for the strengths/weaknesses analyses of the project implementation.

Services for exhibiting companies:

  • Matching company / product / service with German and international trade fair offers;
  • Advice on fair preparation and fair execution;
  • Training of the deployed trade fair staff;
  • Full-service providers for organizing a company’s entire trade show presentation up to a turn-key solution.